What happens on the day of your driving test?

It’s easier to sit the driving test if you know what to expect on the day of the test. So read on.

The whole driving test lasts about 45 to 50 minutes. Some of this is due to change as Covid becomes a thing of the past. Read the email / text instructions you get from the RSA. As of the summer of 2022 the RSA is still asking people to wait in their cars. They will call you by phone. So have it turned on while you wait outside. The tester will ask a few questions relating to Covid and then invite you in. They will ask you to sanitise your hands and put on a mask.

Once inside the test centre you will be asked to show your learner permit, confirming your identity. The tester will also ask you to confirm that you are insured in the car you are using and that it is in proper working order. Next, they will ask you several questions on the Rules of the Road and road signs. Your answers don’t need to be perfect. But do answer as best as you can.

Both of you will then go out to your car. You will open the bonnet and answer some simple questions. The tester will wait outside of the car while you get in. They will check the insurance, tax and NCT are in date. Then the tester will ask you to press and release the footbrake, as well as indicate left and right. They will also check the tyres. At present the testers are asking you to demonstrate the hand signal and how to use some of the internal controls while they stay outside of the car.

When the tester sits in beside you, they will give you directions on where to turn. Otherwise, it is ‘follow the road’. During the driving test you will be asked to park the car and demonstrate a hill start, a turnabout and a reverse around a corner. Aside from these it is important to get all the little things right. Move off properly. Turn properly. React to hazards, etc. If or when you make a mistake, fix it, and get back to proper driving.

The tester will ask you to park the car at the end of the test and to come back into the driving test centre. They will tell you if you have passed or not and may or may not give you and explanation of what you did wrong. They will also give you some paperwork. Hopefully it is the certificate of competency which you will exchange for your full driving licence.